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After Parties

“You haven’t lived until you’ve been
to a Posh Cockney Party!”

Our Posh Cockney Events team are totally on-trend for their busy calendar of ‘Awards’
and ‘After-Parties’. The season’s showbiz awards, fashion shows, film premieres
and music festivals keep us on our toes and we are hugely privileged to host
their exclusive After-Parties.

The thrill and adrenalin is flowing after the attendee’s earlier events,
we keep the voltage going with their official After-Parties.
At Posh Cockney we arrange the most impressive headline venues.

Our Posh Cockney team keep our celebrity portfolio of associates celebrating late into the
early hours and we are well known for our fabulous sunset to sunrise parties.

Our guests certainly get the golden ticket of electrifying entertainment
at a Posh Cockney After-Party. Let us book yours!

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